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Meet Our Staff

If there is an issue with your order or you need help choosing that special item, Nicola has you covered. As our customer service specialist Nicola has the opportunity to work with our customers closely and pass along feedback and reviews. After finishing up with any customer issues, Nicola enjoys spending time with her family and putting a “refinishing” touch on furniture.
Leaving her signature pink heart on all of her personalized notes, Marina is responsible for picking, packing and verifying our individually curated “LD Accessories Box” boxes. Always positive and smiling, which could be a result of her love for coffee, Marina enjoys spending time with her daughters, cleaning, and enjoying her ever-changing playlist.
Helping to maintain the building and Uncle Nick’s right hand man, Mike makes sure shelves are stocked and everything is orderly in our inventory department. Mike works closely with Uncle Nick and together they maintenance Luxury Diva’s warehouse. In his free time, Mike enjoys trying different foods, antique shopping, and watching classic car shows. Mike
After a lifetime of carpentry, Nick plays a vital role in the maintenance and upkeep of both the interior and exterior of the warehouse. Vietnam War Veteran and father to Luxury Divas Owner Deborah Moser, Nick is our in house entertainment and shares his lifetime full of knowledge, stories, and lessons learned on a daily basis. Usually known by his nickname “Uncle Nick” Nick loves construction, Breaking Bad, and any good Clint Eastwood movie.
As our social media strategist and office coordinator, you will see Nikki throughout the day snapping candid shots of our products, staff, and models to boost our brand across several media platforms. In addition, she also works closely with CEO Deborah and with Frank in Operations, always lending whatever support she can. Nikki is also a licensed cosmetologist which really comes in handy when working with our in-house models. When she is not at Divas, Nikki enjoys makeup, baking, and a good scary movie. Nikki
As the head of operations, Frank ensures the wheels continue to turn at Luxury Divas. Wearing many hats, a big portion of Frank’s responsibilities include manufacturing and managing vendor relationships both here in the United States and Internationally. Frank has been with Luxury Divas for 13 years and is living proof that hard work is always followed by success and acknowledgment. When Frank finally shuts off his phone and computer, his favorite pastimes’ include Will and Grace, Chinese Food, and drinking aged Bourbon- specifically Jameson Irish Whiskey. Frank




Luxury Divas CEO and Founder Deborah Moser’s continuous dream and drive has brought Luxury Divas where it is today. From her humble beginnings in the basement of her home to the 12,000 square foot warehouse that is now home to LD, Deborah has never given up on her dream of serving fashion to the modern day “Every Woman”. Since 2002 the road hasn’t been easy and the path was surely unpaved but Deborah knew Luxury Divas was more than a fashion company. Luxury Divas is a family, a team, and a community of people from all over the world who have come together through the love of fashion. Deborah is adamant about Luxury Divas giving back to our local community by participating in specific charities that mean the most to our employees. Furthermore, Deborah has taken her passion for interior design and her profits from LD on another entrepreneurial journey, the rehabilitation and renovation of abandon homes in the neighborhood and surrounding areas. When she is not busy building a fashion empire, being a loving wife, a mom of two, and renovating our town, she enjoys fast cars, the beach, cuddling with her favorite dog Coco, and of course, the New York Giants.