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Red White Blue USA Flag Patriotic Beach Canvas Tote Bag

$23.00 USD $31.00 USD

A perfect blend of patriotism, style, & functionality, our spacious tote bag is designed to accompany you on all your beach adventures while proudly displaying the iconic American flag. Embrace your love for your country with this fashionable accessory. Bag measures 21 inches wide, side to side. Bag measures 13 inches tall, top to bottom, not including handles. Bag opening has a maximum width of 17 inches, when bag is not zippered.

• Patriotic design: Show your USA pride with our eye-catching American flag print. The bold design proudly showcases your love for your country, making it an ideal accessory for holidays, beach outings, or any occasion where you want to display patriotism.
• Durable canvas construction: Crafted from quality material, our bag is designed to withstand the demands of beach activities. The sturdy fabric is not only durable but also water-resistant, protecting your items from splashes & ensuring they stay dry.
• Water-resistant & durable: Our tote bag is designed to withstand the beach environment. The water-resistant fabric protects your items from unexpected splashes or light rain, keeping them safe and dry. The sturdy construction guarantees long-lasting use.
• Canvas
• Imported

Product Code: HB02207/HB02207