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Multicolor Rainbow Stripe Leg Warmers


Whether you're dancing, skating or just trying to stay warm, leg warmers are a timeless accessory. Mixing function & fashion into one, these are made from a soft cotton & nylon blend, these warmers are slightly stretchy, & one size fits most. Wear them 1/2 up your leg or slouched at your ankle. Measures 22 inches long, end to end, un-stretched Opening is 4.25 inches wide in diameter, un-stretched Ideal for dancers, fashion and warmth

• Fun looking and versatile, these warmers are slightly stretchy and very soft.
• Wear them with tights, jeans, pumps and flats so Its all up you as to how you want to wear them.
• Will look great with a mini skirt, tunic, a little dress, or shorts.
• Cotton Blend
• Imported

Product Code: L00288/L00288