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Rock Pink: Mother & Daughter Stand Together in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Posted on October 19 2016

There's a moment in every woman's life that calls her to tap into her deepest resolve and fight to survive no matter the odds. A time when she realizes that family is her greatest source of love and support and always will be. The realization that a bond shared between mother and daughter is a beacon of light in her brightest days and darkest hours. It's the feeling of fear in the pit of her stomach when she learns that her mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Deborah Moser, Luxury Divas' Founder & CEO, is that woman; she is every woman who meets a life altering moment head on despite being scared out of her mind.  Deb's mother, Geraldine was initially diagnosed  in '94, over twenty years ago, and she still feels that sinking feeling in her stomach when she thinks " I just need to go home and talk to Mom and everything will be okay and then I realize Mom's not there."  



Deb recalls the days when Divas was still a home based business ran out of her basement , "without my mother, I don't know if Divas would be in business today" as she reflects on the pressures of raising two kids, managing her home and starting a new business.She attributes the success of her company to those early days when mom pitched in to help out with the kids after Deb's husband knew she had reached her wits end. She remembers his plea distinctly--"Mom, Deb is losing her mind--we need you!"

The pendulum swings both ways as she stood ready to answer the call of aiding her mother back to health back in '94. Deb had huge shoes to fill as she was the only child shared by her divorced parents and knew it would fall solely on her to support her mother through the healing process. She was the rock, she was the anchor, she was the pillar, she was everything her mother taught her to be and together they would celebrate overcoming the greatest fear of their lives.



Sadly, after Geraldine's breast cancer had been in remission for a decade, the cancer returned--spreading throughout her body. Geraldine lost the fight to cancer in 2006 at just 63 years old. Through Luxury Divas' generous donations to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Rock Pink campaign featuring the Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Scarf, Geraldine rests in power--the power to raise awareness, the power to support finding a cure, the power of knowing your daughter has your back because the bond between mother and daughter is never broken.

Lovelies, stand with us in the fight against cancer, the fight to find a cure.-#RockPink!




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