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7 Girly Drinks You Have to Order at Least Once

Posted on March 30 2016

Every now and then I like to indulge in what is commonly referred to as the “Girly Drink”. A girly drink is one that is sweet and doesn’t taste too strongly of alcohol, yet will have you feeling really good after a few! If you a) fall into the 21+ category and b) are a girl (or confident man), these are 7 girly concoctions you must order at least once. Put down the lite beer, order one of these cocktails, and act classy AF. You deserve it!

  • Cosmopolitan – This drink became very popular in the 90’s thanks to the hit show Sex and the City. Order this and pretend you're cool enough to hang out with Carrie and her friends.
What’s in it: cranberry juice, lime juice, triple sec and vodka

What it tastes like: Fruity, pink, and fashionable- Perhaps the ultimate girly drink!

  • Lemon Drop Martini – This happens to be Oprah’s favorite cocktail. Be careful though because they are dangerously easy to consume!.. "You get a drink! You get a drink! Everyone gets a drink!!!"

What’s in it: vodka, triple sec, sugar and fresh lemon juice

What it tastes like: Lemon flavored candy! It’s the perfect combo of sweet and sour in a drink.

  • Sangria - The fruit makes it a healthy snack… right?

What’s in it: Red wine, triple sec, brandy, orange juice, and chopped fruit served over ice

What it tastes like: fruity, sweet red wine

  •  Blue Hawaiian – You won’t need tiki torches and a coconut bra to enjoy this drink.

    What’s in it: Creme de coconut, pineapple juice, white rum & blue curacao on the rocks

    What it tastes like: This tastes a lot like a pina colada, but Smurf colored.

    •  Sex on the Beach – A pretty and flirty drink to order. This drink lives up to the good times its name implies.

      What’s in it: Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice

      What it tastes like: Tastes great! Fruity and smooth- it's the perfect, girly, summer cocktail, but you can still have this Sex on the Beach in cold weather too.

      • Long Island Iced Tea – With 4 different kinds of liquor in it, this goes against almost everything we know about mixed drinks. If you drink more than one, you might black out, but go ahead and do you.

      What’s in it: gin, vodka, light rum, triple sec, tequila, simple syrup, cola and lemon juice

      What it tastes like: A delicious hangover in a glass… When made properly these are very good, but don’t taste like iced tea (they only look like it).

      •  Chocolate Martini – This is a sophisticated and decadent drink. Just ask yourself if 5 o’clock is too early for dessert.
        What’s in it: 2 parts chocolate liqueur, 1 part vodka, 1 part half-and-half

        What it tastes like: Creamy, chocolate-flavored alcohol. Need I say more?


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