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Keep It Clean- Healthy Eating

Posted on June 07 2016

Eating clean isn't a trendy fad- It's common sense...
Dangers of food additives and preservatives.

“The longer the shelf life the shorter your life”. A food additive is seldom if ever put into food for the consumer's benefit. These artificial ingredients and preservatives are usually put in foods in very small quantities so manufacturers can get away with using them because at that quantity they state it won’t hurt the human body. However, those chemical additives used in food are cumulative and build up or accumulate in the human body. Then, when this build-up reaches specific proportions, sickness, disease and perhaps even death may be the result. The sad part is that in many or most cases the individual who consumes the food doesn't realize what he is ingesting.

Examples of some of these additives and preservatives are: benzoates, nitrites, sulphites, sorbates, butylated hydroxyanisole, sodium acetate, red No. 2 dye, yellow No. 5 dye, aluminum sulfate, sodium diacetate, hydrogen peroxide are some of the most common chemical additives. They are added to keep give the food longer shelf life and also for cosmetic reasons.

*Experiment: take a McDonalds hamburger and put it somewhere for a year. It will still look like the same hamburger one year later!

Get back to basics.

Clean eating means eliminating chemicals. “If it falls from the tree than it is probably a good choice”. It is up to consumers to choose not to buy food with toxic ingredients. Additives and preservatives will not be banned until enough research is collected to determine the exact effects they have on the body. The FDA should be conducting research on long term affects but they are not.

Buying organic is a smart choice.

More than 600 active chemicals are registered for agricultural use in America, to the tune of billions of pounds annually. The National Academy of Sciences reports that "90% of the chemicals applied to foods have not been tested for long-term health effects before being deemed safe”. When you buy organic you will not have foods treated with chemicals or preservatives to keep them longer. Your body is getting real food and nutrition. The one downfall with organic is it costs more. Whether you buy organic or not, it is important to ALWAYS wash your produce first.

In the end, be good to your body so it can be good to you!


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